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Your Dad is awesome and you are the apple of his eye – but, you’re not the only apple in his life, or in his toolbox. Treat your Dad to something extra special this Father’s Day.

Chainsaw Pizza Cutter 

Saw off every slice with this ‘unique to your home’ pizza cutter you know your Dad will love!

pizza cutter 1

Kohler Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

Time for Dad to chill out and breakout into his favourite jam while taking a shower. You might want to add some ‘anti-slip’ to the floor as he busts out his best moves from way back when.

Suguru Mouldable Glue 

Like plasters are to Mom, Suguru Mouldable Glue is to Dad for an instant fix around the home.

Keep that beer chilled with Frosty

Treat your Dad to a chilled frosty at all times with this awesome cooler in a variety of local designs.


Monkey Business Doorganizer 

A door hanging reminder so that Dad never forgets his essentials again before heading out for the day.


Happy Father’s Day.

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