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There are battery vamps designed to suck the life out of your battery. Heed these tips and learn how you can extend your phone’s battery life.


1. Dim your screen.

Access your phone settings. Select the screen display setting and turn that brightness down!

2. Check your connectivity settings.

– Turn on Airplane mode when you’re in poor connectivity areas.

– Turn off Bluetooth if you’re not using it.

– Turn Wi-Fi off if you’re not in any hotspot location, or simply if you’re not using it.

3. App Notifications.

Those push notifications you keep on getting are not only eating at your battery life, but your data too. Prioritise the ones that you do need, and switch the other ones off!

4. Turn vibrate off.

Probably the biggest culprit. You don’t really need it.

5. Have you got apps running in the background?

Are your apps constantly refreshing and running? Go through them under settings and force stop their activity.

6. Get yourself some ad-free apps.

Apps within apps just chow your battery! Every time a new ad pops up it drains power.

7. Switch on power saving mode.

Power saving mode is good for those idle moments. Switch it on and enjoy the pleasure knowing that you’re not constantly draining your battery.