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There’s an element of pure & explosive excitement around sprinkling some geek dust into your fitness program. Becoming a gaming character with the sole purpose of reaching your fitness goals is a challenge unlike any other! Check out these nifty fitness gaming apps.

Zombie Run – 5k Training.

In this game app you will receive a mind grabbing audio mission and find yourself running through a story, collecting supplies and reaching your fitness goals.

zombie runner wordpress


Explore important places and get out into the real world. This GPS based game has become more than just a game – it’s a team effort and healthy lifestyle option for those wanting to get fit in a fun and unusual way.


Riderstate – Cycling GPS game

Conquer the world by bike with this quest mapping game app. Track your ride and location. Maybe even get creative and see if you can map out your favourite gaming character, and match the challenge – Happily reaching your fitness goals!


Charity Miles

Help others while burning calories. For every mile you run, there is a donation made to the charity of your choice. This is a real game changer app and all the motivation you will ever need to stay in shape. #EveryMileMatters

charity miles

Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log. 

If you’re quite competitive, you’ll enjoy this app. Let your friends know, too! Track one another’s logged workouts and try to stay at the top of the list.