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Watch this video for more on this exciting new release.

Google has been rather busy of late while they prepare to take over from Apple as the most valuable company globally. We’re closely observing the race!

The launch of a brand new product has surfaced and it has grabbed attention from every corner of the internet.

Google Pixel C is the much anticipated, sleek 10.2 inch Android tab that we just couldn’t wait to find out more about when we first saw it. It certainly will deliver on the app optimisation standards that no other Android could produce before. The Pixel C tab by Google, comes with a detachable keyboard for your convenience. The ‘C’ stands for ‘Convertible’, making it not only smart, but a tab or a laptop – whichever suits you best at any given moment.

It gets better!… This tablet chargers automatically when it is closed.

Yip! Your tech is about to think for itself. This you cannot beat.