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Building your own PC from scratch may seem like a daunting task initially – but with popular events like rAge that keep you up-to-speed with evolving tech – why not get cracking with this project? The best part is, you can customise and really take your time to build yourself a truly powerful machine.

Firstly, you will need to familiarise yourself with hardware basics in order to know what you need, and where to buy your parts from.

ZAPSOnline is kitted with everything you will need, and they happen to be pretty much every gamers dream store.

Let’s get started…

Tower case: Pop onto the online store and take a look at the various options that they have. You can go from plain jane to pro – it depends on your budget really.

Motherboard: this is the heart of your creation. Invest in a good one!

CPU: your computers processor. You can find out how to monitor your CPU speed (gigahertz) here.

RAM: Your data storage card.

Heatsink: designed to keep components such as your processor, cool.

Video card: you’ll want a decent video card. Especially if you’re into gaming. Check out the on-board video card as well.

Internal Hard drive: essential for additional storage space.

Power supply: The converter of electrical energy from one form to another.  

Anti Static Wrist Strap: A precautionary product which prevents the build up of static electricity for those working on electronics.

And lastly, a magnetic screwdriver – Because, it makes your life easier! 😉

Now that you know all your parts and have a little recommendation on where to get them from – watch this elaborative video on how to piece it all together.

VIOLA! You have the basics down and can only advance your tech from here. Keep a close eye on the big gaming events for all the latest arrivals on the market, to upgrade your precious creation.

Good luck! 🙂