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Welcome to the informative space of everything that makes the world a better place in the age of tech. We’ve got loads lined up for you today.

Instagram have decided to make a massive change to their algorithm.

– The new Nokia 3310 is out!

2016’s Call of Duty has set the bar high.

– The race is on between Google and Apple

– ‘WeFuel’ MUST come to South Africa.

– Get these 8 underrated apps

– Organise your gmail lists. 

– Do you suffer from an overload of tabs? There’s a solution on the way.

– Pros and cons about Periscope & GoPro intergration. 

– Super fun apps and sites to explore. 

– New Globe skateboard replaces the need for a boombox at the park. 

Wireless coffee anyone? 

– A smart way to protect your charger cable

– The exciting and new, Google Pixel C tab

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