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We put the tech-trends puzzle pieces together with a roundup of the month’s biggest & greatest movements. Catch up on what is happening in the world – Right here, right now!

– Stand a chance to win and enter now.

– View the month’s hottest deals.

– A smartwatch that is also a phone. 

– Turn your iPhone into a GoPro. 

– New parking app for South African’s takes the hassle out of booms, cash and tickets. 

Gmail now warns you of unsecured emails.  

– Awesome fitness apps for gamers. 

– Online store sells books that cannot be printed. 

– For the love of classic film cameras. Check this out

– 13 Top movies of 2016. 

– Developers of the LG G5 are creating a screen that never sleeps. 

– Microsoft rebrands Xbox’s music streaming service

– Awesome scooter for any city dweller. 

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