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Here are all the weird and wonderful things you need to know about what you may have missed this week.

– Win a Huawei device now

– Here’s an offer you cannot refuse.

Floating internet – like a fluffy cloud of awesome. 

– Find out how many South Africans use the internet.

Mondo BLOG_WinnersPost_600x300 (3) 

– Take perfect pictures of food with this pro app

– Through the magic of the internet of things, people can now analyse your personality with the use of Crystal. WTF! 

– You’re more than just a number to us here at Mondo. Get in touch today for hassle free upgrades and assistance. 

– Panasonic’s all new mirrorless camera = selfies for DAYS! 

– Need forgiveness? Bake someone happy with this ice cream bread. It’s a real winner! 

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