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Here are two local food recipe apps that are sure to make you drool! 😙🍜

Try some of the best South African cuisine right here. Eating well is also fast becoming a trend in SA! So, here’s some local inspiration.

Now… We bring you our selection of tasty dishes to get you started. 😉


Every home should try this one at least once. Give it a bash over the holidays. Try the superb Cape Malay Curry.
Cape Malay Curry Mondo Blog


For those of you with a sweet tooth – This one is a true delight! A Mulva Pudding that will have you begging for more.
Mulva Pudding Mondo Blog


A properly traditional dish has ignited hunger throughout the homes of many, for years. This is the famous, Bobotie. Try your hand at it!
Bobotie Mondo Blog


The monstrosity of awesomeness goes to the Durban Bunny Chow. YUUUUM! Get some!
Bunny Chow


At some point, you’ve likely been handed one of these at a family bring-and-braai.
Don Pedro Mondo Blog