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The new Samsung feature called Samsung+ will provide live expert support when it comes to technical issues and getting them resolved.  Through remote access and with a once-off code, they will be able to do it for you!

The one and only downside of the feature is that it is currently only available on the Samsung Galaxy S7 – which makes business sense. Why shouldn’t your Granny own and rock this device?! Mondo has just the right package for you.

Samsung+ app is designed to assist you right through your phones life. From the setup process, to how-to save on battery life as the phone gets older.

Your phone and the app work together to keep you informed and utilising the product to its full potential. Your parents will no longer have an excuse to nag you for tech advice. The app is aimed at empowering the older generation and for those who use older phones.

Go ahead and check it out. This app is a real game changer.