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In South Africa, we are one of the few African countries that can compete on an International level when it comes to technology.

Explore our Top 5 Proudly South African mobile apps to see why we believe in the quality of our local app developments.

1. Superbalist

Superbalist pretty much deliver as fast as you can place your order on spectacular and trendy items. Incredible service with a great mobile app for online shopping.

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2. News24

Stay connected with News24 (very user friendly mobile app) and keep up-to-date with worldwide trends and local news.

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3. AlwaysOn Wifi

Largest wifi network in South Africa. You can count on there being an AlwaysOn Wifi hotspot wherever you go. Use the app and discover more.

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4. Kids First Aid

MTN Business app winner of 2013. This app is literally a lifesaver in times of need.

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5. Mango Airlines App

From booking your flight to checking-in, the Mango App is your one-stop-shop for domestic travelling.

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