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While you’re sitting in front of the screen – explore the wonders of these incredible apps & websites.

1. There are people stuck out in space! Take a look at how many people are out in space, and who they are.

mondo 16 march post 2

2. Explore the world and guess the location with street view images.

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3. Turn yourself into a piano master, virtually.

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4. What have you got in your fridge and pantry? We’re pretty sure you have no idea what’s on the cards for dinner tonight. Simply check the list of items you have and VOILA! The system will create a super delicious recipe – JUST FOR YOU! 

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5. This is just awesome to see. Sit back and enter the 70’s. Watch some real old school jam!

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6. Find a whole bunch of cool stuff here to watch, read or listen to – for free! 

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7. Endless mobile games from Warner Bros.

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