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We go behind the scenes with our Executive Director, Dylan Koen. Dylan is responsible for all sales, marketing and product development initiatives.

Introduce yourself…

I’m Dylan Koen, and here is everything that you need to know.

I started working for Rewardsco (Mondo is wholly owned by Rewardsco) as a field agent without a permanent contract back in 1999!

All agents who secured the most regional enrolments for our loyalty programme (called Leisurelink) won a full-time employment contract. I won for the KZN region and started as a full-time employee of Rewardsco in January 2000.

I’m based in JHB, married for 10-years and have 2 beautiful kids. I have 4 absolutely great passions in my life – Cars, Cricket, Mountain Biking and Technology. A day in my life simply does not go by without some indulgence on one of those (and in many instances, all of them!).


How did Mondo come to be?

Rewardsco have been a direct Trade Partner to Vodacom since 2008.

Initially we never had a customer facing brand which impacted our customer experience

We would run a campaign and introduce ourselves as Rewardsco. The product being sold was Vodacom but there was no link between the product and Rewardsco. With our initial distribution channel being telemarketing, a key process to any decision making by a potential customer was that the company was trustworthy and credible. If a client Googled Rewardsco and then landed on our site, it was only going to cause confusion as Rewardsco is a business to business brand without any detail on the various consumer products that we sold.

To bridge this gap we created Mondo in April 2013. Mondo was created to give our customers a telecommunications brand with an identity, credibility and the information that they needed.


What is your vision for the brand?

It is very exciting!

We are about to launch Fibre to the Home (FTTH) products along with adding great value-added services like Video-On-Demand into our offerings. We are also working with MTN on a possible go-live in 2016.

With the possible acquisition of Cell C by Telkom, this creates the possibility of Mondo representing all three of the major telecommunications networks in South Africa. This is completely in-line with our brand positioning and very much part of our strategy.

We are also moving into the digital space with our free-phone-a-week giveaway as well as the launch of Live Chat on our website.

There is a long way to go, but we really want to be a company and brand that does away with any telemarketing stereotyping as everything we do is aligned to being around value and transparency.

Our customer is always getting the best of what is available and it is exciting to have the potential that we do with Mondo.


What does Mondo stand for?

Mondo is colloquial slang for “Lots”, “Big” or “More”.

It underpins how we want to always be offering more to our customers.


Are there current, new or exciting ventures in the pipeline – What can people expect to see?

As mentioned above, we have FTTH coming on stream on the back of Open Serve (new Telkom division) rolling out fibre to more than 1 million households by March 2018.

This is a great initiative as South Africans have historically always had slow and expensive broadband. Over the next 5-years this will change and it will shape how we consume information forever!