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If you get a new phone, tablet or router and you would like to use your current SIM card but it is the incorrect size, no need to worry. To change the size you can use a SIM card adapter to make it bigger or get your SIM card professionally cut smaller. Read on below for further information.

There are currently 3 SIM card sizes:

The biggest to smallest SIM card sizes are

  • Standard SIM card
  • Micro SIM card
  • Nano SIM card

The newest kind of SIM card is the Nano SIM.

SIM Cutters:

If you have a Standard or Micro Sim card and you need a smaller SIM card to fit your new phone, router or tablet, then you can take it to a cellular store and they will cut it for you. Both the Micro SIM card and a Standard SIM card can be cut into Nano SIM cards and a Standard SIM card can be cut into a Micro SIM card.

SIM Card Adapters:

If your SIM card is too small you can purchase a SIM card adapter from a cellular store. Tell the store attendant the current size SIM card you have and tell them the size you need.
E.g. “I have a nano SIM card and I need an adapter to make it into a Micro SIM card.”

If you are unsure of the size of the SIM card adapter needed, bring the device you need to use the SIM card in and ask the store attendant what size it is.

Below are examples of which SIM cards are found in major phones, tablets, routers and USB modems.

Standard SIM card
Micro SIM card
Brand: Device Brand Device Brand Device
Huawei G300+, all Pocket Wi-Fi and USB modems Huawei Media Pad, Ascend G6 HTC One (M8)


Apple iPhone 3 Apple iPhone 4, 4S,

iPad Retina Display


Apple iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6,

6 Plus,

iPad Air

and Mini


Alcatel Onetouch M’POP Nokia 208, Lumia 630,Lumia 925, Lumia 1320 Nokia Lumia 930
HTC Desire 310 HTC One, One X, One SV, 8X, Desire 601


Samsung Manhattan, Galaxy Young Samsung Galaxy Express, S III, S4, S5, Note 4, Note Edge, Tab 3, Pocket Neo, Ace